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. Numan Torres

Trained with a broad vision of design, he has forged his own personal and specialized perspective, focusing on graphic, editorial and UX/UI design. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

. life

Numan was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in 1993. He discovered his passion for design at an early age before attending the National Experimental University of Yaracuy (UNEY) where studied a degree in Integral Design. There, professors such as Santiago Pol helped him polish his professional abilities.

He then moved for five years in Santiago de Chile, where he directed his career towards the event management sector. As the designer in charge of the graphic production of events and BTL activations for brands suchs as Eucerin, L'Oréal and Nivea, he realized that his passion for design was based on connecting with people through their emotions. In addition, he had the opportunity to work in the publishing world, in magazines such as DeNovios, Platos&Copas and Mamá&Bebé, where he further developed his visual communication and aesthetics, whilst also learning about printing processes.

He has developed his own collage and typographic composition techniques, which he merges with photography to create pieces inspired by Art.

Thanks to his professional trajectory, he has come to understand that the core focus of design is the human being. He has confirmed this belief through his Master's Degree in Web Design and UX/UI at CEI Madrid, which focuses on users and their needs as the main target when designing digital products.

. photography

In his photographies, one can observe people and emotions, as he tries to portray the coexistence and communication between people and their surroundings; in other words, dialogues between humanity-architechture-art. In this way, he is able to connect with his followers and attract their interest. This has led him to start printing and selling his own pictures.

Original text and traslation by Joseba Varela




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